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An online store purely dedicated to 100% pure essential oils + natural candles + healing crystals + all things beautiful. All the little handmade products have been carefully curated just for you + made with a whole lot of love + intention.

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crystals + art + homewares + candles + readings




We carefully source our materials from small, fair-trade vendors, and ensure they are sustainably and ethically obtained.
Also always doing our best to not add waste to the environment and ensuring our packaging is as eco friendly and reusable as possible.

“Our bodies are dynamic, electromagnetic organisms—we have physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy flowing through us all the time,”
“Crystals are a fun and unique way to help direct and influence that energy towards greater health when used with the right intention.”
“For serenity, it is best to use a combination of crystals in your environment and carry crystals with you.”
– Amy Mercree.


“When you reach the end of what you should know, you will be at the beginning of what you should sense.”
― Kahlil Gibrán

Crystals have a tendency to draw you in. We become very attracted to them.
They seem to encompass a power within them, something that can’t quite be explained.

We all know the big name gemmies, the diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires. But the gemstones we have at Studio Syncopation are the less flashy type, the ones that are not so flamboyant as the big ticket gems that we have in wedding bands and royal crowns. These stones are for the home, for the spirit, for the soul.

All crystals have metaphysical properties and they are very powerful and abundant. You will find that you are enticed by a particular crystal at certain times of your life, like they are meant to be with you… and maybe they are!

Here at Studio Syncopation, we pride ourselves in ethically sourced healing crystals. If you want information about wholesale options or if you would like a particular crystal that you can’t find here, I take great pleasure in finding exactly what you want… I know some special people in the crystal world. x

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