Our candles are handpoured here on the Gold Coast. Made with beautiful creamy coco-soy wax. Our Botanical Mists are also hand made here. They are suitable for body + home + linens. 


All our crystals are ethically sourced and before they are shipped are cleansed with our energy aura mist. A huge variety available + we personally source anything you have your heart set on.


My artworks are all original creations that are hand painted by myself. mixed media + acrylic on canvas. Each painting has a hand written harmony of word on the back. Prints available soon.

Hello… I’m Keyna.

From as early as I can remember, I have had a love of all things crystals, gemstones, new age, metaphysical and other worldly.

Studio Syncopation was established in 2016, from the humble beginnings purely focused on botanicals… now having grown into a space sprinkled with magic from my artsy side + my earth mama side.

The studio is filled with ethically sourced hand picked magical crystals for you. Everything carefully curated + made with a whole lot of love + intention.

During strange + unknown times of 2021, I have also leaned into my artistic roots… and it appears the words in my heart are gracefully flowing onto the canvas.  

Based on the sunny Gold Coast in Queensland Australia.
The soul behind everything you see is born from a love of the sun + moon + ocean + salty toes + sun kissed skin + soul sounds + late nights + the taste of vodka + a love for everything that smells and looks like happiness.

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We love seeing all your beautiful images with your gorgeous crystals + artwork + homewares. xxo