An online store purely dedicated to 100% pure essential oils + natural candles + healing crystals + all things beautiful.
All the little handmade products have been carefully curated just for you + made with a whole lot of love + intention.
Natural Wellness Australia was established in 2016 and since has evolved + grown into Natural Wellness Studio and now Studio Syncopation, a space making it possible to create a fluid transition of my artsy side + my earth mama side to combine + create beautiful natural products, plus ethically source + hand pick magical crystals for you.

Based on the sunny Gold Coast in Queensland Australia. The soul behind everything you see is born from a love of the sun + moon + ocean + salty toes + sun kissed skin + soul sounds + late nights + the taste of vodka + a love for everything that smells and looks like happiness.

A goal of mine, in this busy world in which we live… is help us be able to connect back to nature and also create a space in our world where we can take time for self and feel into the energy which nourishes the body + mind + soul.

The ethos is to feel more akin to your spirituality and to slow down for a moment. To feel more at one with everything you are, not just be another star lost in the vastness of the universe.

This is where essentials oils + crystals can be introduced into the daily habits of our lives… to help ease the crazy and allow us all to feel more deeper into our souls. Aromatically the oils are a thing of great beauty, but they encompass so much more. Essential oils work on a cellular level and can alter emotional + physical + spiritual patterns that we need to re-energise.

They are powerful yet gentle. Simple yet somewhat magical. And the magic of healing crystals has been within me and is within you, its always been there. We are a part of of the universe just as the crystals formed under the mineral rich soils of the earth. We are all one.