A beautiful and unique hand selected Crystal set containing 7 crystals that associate with balancing our 7 chakras.

The set includes –

Clear Quartz – Stone of clarity. The most powerful healer and excellent for amplifying the energies of other stones or to enhance groups of stones. Works on all levels of self. Aids memory and is excellent to program and store information. Brings balance to all.

Amethyst – Stone of peace. Strong healing and cleansing powers. Aids sleep. Dispels negative emotions and brings positive responses. Loosen mind blocks and help memory. Calms fears and encourages inner strength.

Cat’s Eye – Cat’s Eye acts to stimulate intuition and to enhance awareness.  It is a grounding stone that provides a very effective protective energy.  Cat’s Eye dispels unwanted energy from the aura.  It amplifies good luck and fortune.  Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye transforms negative thoughts into positive energy.  Cat’s Eye brings happiness and serenity, along with optimism, generosity and confidence.  It can enhance creativity and kindness.  Traditionally, Cat’s Eye is believed to protect the wearer from evil spirits.

Aventurine – Stone of confidence. Defuses negative situation to positive. Reinforces leadership and decisiveness. Balances one’s mind and stimulates creativity. Calms anger and irritation so you can live from your heart. Promotes sense of wellbeing.

Citrine – Stone of Wealth and Abundance. Powerful cleanser and regenerator. Aids manifestation. One of the best prosperity crystals because it helps you achieve your intentions faster. Manifests more wealth and abundance by shifting your mindset. Helps you to open yourself up to embrace a more positive mindset and how to share.

Rose Quartz – Its the crystal of love. Not always traditionally used for the sacral chakra but it works beautifully. The Sacral Chakra resonates with the gentle frequencies of Rose Quartz and allows you to access and appreciate the joys of using your senses to experience pleasure and relaxation. The Sacral Chakra is located just above the pubic bone and is responsible for passion, sexuality, intimacy, money, creativity, and joy. The balance of the Sacral Chakra allows us to improve our relationships with ourselves and others.

Carnelian – Stone of motivation. Endurance, leadership, creativity, individuality, courage and motivation. Aids with ambition, drive and determination. Helps to trust yourself. Protection generally and from anger, jealousy and fear. Place near your front door and help balance energies in the home and invite abundance in.

Please note, each set is hand selected and unique so the tumbled crystals may vary.

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