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Weight : 10-18 grams

Blue Lace Agate crystal meaning is associated with caring and relaxation. It is a rock star for soothing an overactive mind and calming nerves. Similar to the effects of gazing at a pale blue sky that stretches out to the horizon, Blue Lace Agate is the best tool for relaxing and maintaining a calm demeanor. Call on this gemstone for a much-needed daily does of positive vibes, the best antidote to the stress of our busy, hectic lives.

This is a stone that not only looks beautiful but also holds a subtle but powerful energy. It’s a stunning gemstone that can bring you to a higher state of consciousness!

It’s calming and uplifting, and it’s illuminating as much as it is empowering. It will endow you with a strong sense of peace and serenity.

It will help you express your thought and feelings in the most beautiful and effective way possible, and it will neutralize any angry and negative emotion that you’re feeling.

Blue lace agate can help you with your communication issues, both in your personal and professional life.

You will find your voice to speak out what you think or feel, and you will feel confident and courageous doing it.

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