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ESSENTIAL OIL AURA / CRYSTAL CLEANSING MOOD MIST | 100ml A luxurious blend of oils that soothes the senses.

USAGE :  Spritz this magical essential oil mist on your body + surroundings.

INGREDIENTS : Frankincense + lemon + palo santo + rose + H2O + natural solubilizer.

Always shake well before use to disperse the oils perfectly. Use with caution on light fabrics as essential oils may stain. Do not apply before sun exposure. Do not spray directly into or onto ears, eyes, mouth or sensitive areas.

energy aura / crystal cleansing 100ml essential oil mist a spiritually cleansing blend of oils that soothes the senses.
this essential oil mist has been specifically designed to help you cleanse + clear the energy of your healing crystals + your own personal energy + aura. sometimes energy can feel stuck, old, stagnant, dirty, dark. when this happens we need to move that energy on in the universe and allow space for more positive and healing vibrations. this mist will help do this. naturally if you can use it with the amplification of the moon, the ocean, the earth, then that is even better… but if you just need s quick refresh, this mist is perfect. spritz this beautiful mist into the air in front of you and walk through it… feeling the soft mist hit your face. this will help cleanse your aura and allow for more happiness + light. spritz this over and around you healing crystals + use affirmations [they can be just thoughts – you don’t have too cant like a crazy bitch!] to help recharge your crystals with positivity and light.
can be used many times throughout the day. this blend is also great if you feel you have some unwanted energy within your home. spray this around and ask that energy to move on and go somewhere else now as you no longer need it.
you will love this spray. its so magical.
with the magic of frankincense + palo santo, both these oils are very spiritual. palo santo is distilled in Ecuador and actually comes from the same botanical family as frankincense. traditionally used as a spiritual oil to ward off negative energies and protect against harmful spiritual influences. lemon being a cleanser. rose being the most high vibrational oil on the planet. this blend will help you with most feelings of negativity.

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