DREAMER (formerly Luna)

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ESSENTIAL OIL  MOOD MIST | 100ml A peaceful + soothing blend of oils to help all emotional spaces. USAGE :  Spritz this magical essential oil mist on your body + surroundings. INGREDIENTS : Spruce + osmanthus + frankincense + ho-wood + vetiver + blue tansy + blue chamomile + coconut oil + H2O + natural solubilizer. Always shake well before use to disperse the oils perfectly. Use with caution on light fabrics as essential oils may stain. Do not spray directly into or onto ears, eyes, mouth or sensitive areas.

dreamer 100ml essential oil mist a calming soft energy helping one reconnect to the earth. this blend of spruce + osmanthus + frankincense + ho wood + vetiver + blue tansy + blue chamomile will take you in a slow simmer, dreamer mist will ease you deeper in to a relaxed and mellow shimmer. perfect to help you drift off to a deep slumber at night. use any time of the day to release any nervous tension or elevated energy. its deep. its grounding. its going to help pull you down + be rooted into mother earth. completely reassuring + sedating + stabilising. this beautiful blend of oils will help with relaxation + being present. perfect for anytime of the day, particularly the evening, before bed… to invoke a centred and connected feeling.

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