GRACE (formerly Luxury)

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ESSENTIAL OIL MOOD MIST | 100ml A luxurious blend of oils that soothes the senses. USAGE :  Spritz this magical essential oil mist on your body + surroundings. INGREDIENTS : Frankincense + sandalwood + grapefruit + cardamom + patchouli + H2O + natural solubilizer. Always shake well before use to disperse the oils perfectly. Use with caution on light fabrics as essential oils may stain. Do not apply before sun exposure. Do not spray directly into or onto ears, eyes, mouth or sensitive areas.

grace 100ml essential oil mist a luxurious blend of oils that soothes the senses. a blend of frankincense + sandalwood + grapefruit + cardamom + patchouli. spicy + commanding frankincense is the essence of antiquity, blended back with sandalwood which is sexy + exotic. add in the fresh and bright grapefruit, then slides through a dreamy note of patchouli which is sweet, pungent + earthy. this blend commands grace. its a beautiful symphony of oils that holds hands harmoniously to wrap you up in all the aroma love. luxurious + graceful. its a sexy feel this one. this beautiful blend of oils will help create feelings of mystic + passion. perfect for anytime of the day, spray a light mist around any room for a subtle uplifting vibe.

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