A beautiful little collection of 3 Dreamer Stones.

Dreamer Stones or Emma Eggs are frosted on the outside, with a stunning polished side which we call a “window” that reveals a magical world of depth and wonder inside your crystal. These crystals can be used however you wish, in so many different ways. An amazing start is to sit still and look deep into the window and meditate or focus on all the amazing things you wish to manifest into your life. Focus on your own incredible gifts and multifaceted uniqueness.

Crystals emit healing vibrations that help create balance within oneself and into the spaces around us. Place crystals in the spaces around you and you will begin to notice changes in yourself and in the energy in your environment.

These crystals are so very very special for a little magical gift for anyone in your life.
Children will love these crystals, the magical window in them is really mesmerising for them.

The three crystals you get in this collection are :

Clear Quartz : Harmony + Energy + Healing + Psychic abilities + Clarity + Calmness

Amethyst : Spiritual awareness + Psychic abilities + Inner peace + Healing of the body, mind, soul + Positive transformation + Meditation + Balance + Relieve stress + Communication 

Rose Quartz : Unconditional love + Self love + Caring + Mother love + Kindness + Friendship + Romantic love + Platonic love

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