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Intuitive Readings are like receiving little messages from your guides, your soul people. These guides are with you always, they help you. They try to guide you down beautiful pathways and encourage you to make wise choices. Sometimes we can’t hear the subtle hints they drop. This is where I can help. I can facilitate your guides getting those messages delivered to you.

So you’re drawn to getting a reading to answer a question you have swirling around you head? Or maybe you’ve been wanting to get a little bit of clarity around a situation? Intuitive Readings can help give you that little bit of a push in the right direction. They can affirm or transform ideas and feelings.
You’ve come to the right place anyhow, I have been an intuitive all my life.
I have an affinity with being guided by spirit.
Readings are delivered via email in the form of a soundbite or can be one on one via a video call. Soundbite readings ensure that you can get the full benefit from the reading and can refer back to it any time. Video Call Readings are ideal if you really need to be present within the reading.


A 30 Minute Intuitive Reading is a perfect portal to get you more in touch with what direction you should take. You might have a few burning questions to ask spirit or your guides.


A 1 hour Intuitive Reading involves communication direct with your guides to help you get perspective and weave you closer to your own intuition so you can lean deeper into those gut feelings you already have.

Please note that once payment has been made, I will be in touch via email to work out the ideal delivery of your reading (video/audio call or email soundbite), plus schedule the perfect time for your reading.

"The sun never quits shining. Sometimes, clouds just get in the way."

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